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Let's Talk about the Repackager!

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Posted 30 October 2002 - 19:07

I have read some of the other posts in this area and have noticed the same thing. Although not as consistently.

I have recently tried to repackage 2 apps and both failed to retrieve any reg info except for shortcuts. The main thing that was missing were all the CLSID entries.

I think there is a bug some where or a hidden option that I just can't find. I have repacked quite a few apps and have found this charactaristic very annoying.

Just so I don't get slapped  - I always build on a fresh install of the OS, logged in account is included in local Admin group.
I have never had any errors when performing a repackage. And yes I do look at the alternate reg view and check any entries in read-only mode against all components. :D

If anyone has some insight into this issue, please share your guru knowledge.

???  :D


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Posted 31 October 2002 - 17:07

i do not know if this is the case but you might want to check for any exclusion files being applied to the capture process.  most re-packaging software using these files to ignore certain registry keys and/or files.

for example;
WinINSTALL uses the Reg.XCP and Files.XCP files to identify to the re-packager what files and reg keys to ignore.

Prism uses the Rules.INI with sections titled [Ignore Folders], [Ignore Registry], and the [File Definitions] to achieve the same thing.

InstallShield uses the Default.INI file.

Wise uses the WisePSSC.INI file to do the same.

each of these MIGHT contain an exclusion entry(ies) that are limiting what is being picked up...