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how can i remove service manger icon from the task

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Posted 28 May 2003 - 17:14

Actually my application will be sold commercially (Since
MSDE has a free license). Using windows installer, I have
built an installation package that installs MSDE and my
application that quiries the MSDE. What I want is to
automatically hide the icon after the installion so that
any user using my application wouldn't have the control
to stop the service so that the application can run
Is there a way to do so without user interefence ?? by removing it from the msm itself .


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Posted 03 June 2003 - 20:45

are you installing MSDE 2000 via its merge modules or by using the setup.exe provided by Microsoft? If you install via the merge modules, the service manager icon should not be placed in the tray, at least it's not placed with my installation. Only if you install MSDE via the setup will the service manager be placed in the tray.

good luck