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Microsoft SMS 2003 Woes!

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Posted 28 April 2006 - 14:29

I've been using SMS for almost 2 years now. I thought I finally got the hang of it, but today its totally baffling me again!

I'm trying to install some testing software. It's in MSI format, but I need to run multiple MSIs. So, I've put it into a batch script. My code is shown below:

xcopy \\Server\Share\Sleep\SLEEP.EXE c:\windows\system32 /y
msiexec /i "\\Server\e$\QCA Testing\Admin Point System\FILE_STORE\TPS\KS3ICT-2005-P-ABC 2215\KS3ICT-2005-P-ABC 2215.msi" /qb
Sleep 5
msiexec /i "\\Server\e$\QCA Testing\Admin Point System\FILE_STORE\TPS\KS3ICT-2005-P-FMA 3084\KS3ICT-2005-P-FMA 3084.msi" /qb
Sleep 5
msiexec /i "\\Server\e$\QCA Testing\Admin Point System\FILE_STORE\TPS\KS3ICT-2005-P-FMB 3084\KS3ICT-2005-P-FMB 3084.msi" /qb
Sleep 5
msiexec /i "\\Server\e$\QCA Testing\Admin Point System\FILE_STORE\TPS\KS3ICT-2005-S-PRE 1431\KS3ICT-2005-S-PRE 1431.msi" /qb
Sleep 5
msiexec /i "\\Server\e$\QCA Testing\Admin Point System\FILE_STORE\TPS\KS3ICT-2006-P-ABC 2292\KS3ICT-2006-P-ABC 2292.msi" /qb
Sleep 5
msiexec /i "\\Server\e$\QCA Testing\Admin Point System\FILE_STORE\TPS\KS3ICT-2006-P-PFM 1614\KS3ICT-2006-P-PFM 1614.msi" /qb
Sleep 5
msiexec /i "\\Server\e$\QCA Testing\Admin Point System\FILE_STORE\TPS\KS3ICT-2006-P-TSF 1021\KS3ICT-2006-P-TSF 1021.msi" /qb
Sleep 5
msiexec /i "\\Server\e$\QCA Testing\Admin Point System\FILE_STORE\TPS\KS3ICT-2006-P-SUP 1727\KS3ICT-2006-P-SUP 1727.msi" /qb

Now, whats baffling me is the script works totally fine when I run it manually! I have no problems whatsoever, and the package is fully installed and I have tested to see that this is the case.

The problem is, when I try to deploy it using SMS, I get an Exit Code of 1. Does anyone know what might be causing it to fail when I deploy it with SMS?



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Posted 04 May 2006 - 14:10

Why not just create a package with all your files, then create a program for each MSI file and then chain all the programs together? This way you'll get detailed status MIFs from each action rather then hiding whats going on from SMS.

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