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Allowing client side customizations

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Richard Paluzzi

Richard Paluzzi
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Posted 13 February 2006 - 18:51

Hello All,

New to the listing and the technology of windows installer and was hoping someone out there might be able to offer some guidance. Currently our company is in the process of re-writing our install packages, which are presently written with InstallShield 7 and a script based approach, and we’re looking to switch over to a pure windows installer approach. The first big problem I’ve run into is that currently when we deliver packages to our client’s admins, they have the expectation of being able to modify our installs to the point where they can both add extra files and also edit various files we’ve delivered and re-package those changes up in the install before sending it out to their users. In researching the windows installer technology I see the only viable approach seems to be using transform files to generate these changes on top of the msi delivered. My question is two fold: is this the best/only approach with windows installer or is there another route I could go? Any guidance would greatly be appreciated.


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Posted 16 February 2006 - 22:56

Transforms are probably the best way to attack this. It just means that all of your client admins will need to work out how to use a transform.

If you are planning on using CAB file then this could be quite a task for you client admins to un-CAB the CAB, edit the files, and then CAB up the files again.

An easier option would be to place the files in *normal* format on the CD so they can just edit them normally and then the installer will just install the modified files.

What program are you going to use to create your new projects in??