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Shared Reference count bumped twice

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Posted 14 January 2003 - 22:58


I have a dozen shared files installing to a common folder. The main install (Install A) copies the common Dlls and sets the ref counts. At the end of the main install, another install (Install B) is launched that uses 3 of the shared files from Install A. During a debug run of the code, the reference counts are correct, all but the three files have their counts set to 1 and the common three are set to 2.

If I install a build (Install A) from the build system, each reference count is one greater than it should be. Uninstalling Install B removes 1 ref count from each of the three common files, and the uninstallation of Install A removes 1 from each of its Dll ref counts. This causes the files to not be removed during the uninstall because they now have ref counts of 1.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your help in advance.

D. Ruben
Legato Systems, Inc.


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Posted 03 April 2003 - 15:16

my experience is, that if a setup containing a file twice (by different cabs, one of them containing an update), the share count is incremented AND decremented twice. It seems the uninstallation of your system A does not automatically co-uninstall your system B, and that's the main reason.

i have a different problem, also with the shares:
a file is installed as shared, the share count is increased.
but on uninstallation, the file is removed even though the share count is greater than 1 (caused by other setups using the same file), and the share count is not corrected.