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Suite Project How-Tos...

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 13:56

Hi all,

Since Suite Projects are in their infancy, I've found several areas where the type can improve.

Currently, we have an installation that combines several install packages and handles prerequisites and some post installation tweaking of files using Autoplay Media Studio by Indigo Rose. It serves the purpose, but I was looking for something to wrap everything in so I might be able to do away with this product. Suite Projects provided possibilities.

What AutoPlay provides us with now is a Welcome screen that will display a link to install a pdf reader if lacking or display links to included pdf documents for the user's consumption if the target machine can open them (update notes, install instructions, etc).

In trying to do this with the suite project, I have to manually edit the suite project file with seemingly cumbersome edits to check conditions and set properties. I think this part of the suite should be beefed up a bit.

I'll also eventually have to figure out a way to make file configuration edits that are needed between third party installations. I may explore wrapping all of the needed file tweaks into one CUstom Action that would be launched from our products .msi, the third and final package of our current suite.

I guess I really don't have issues to address here, just observations. For now, the Suite project seems useful for simple, install this, then install this, then install this packages. I think it needs an AppSearch mechanism and user interface to direct it as well as a Custom Actions mechanism as well for between package actions.

I will be posting some enhancement requests but for now, I'm afraid I have to stick with what I've got.