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Setup Related Issues Fixed in XP SP2 and MSI 3

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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 10 August 2004 - 21:19

Microsoft has published a list of almost 800 fixes that are included in XP SP2, which also includes the MSI 3 runtime. Below is a selection of items from this list that relate to installation topics.

The following fixes are related to the Windows Installer (MSI) engine. Therefore I expect these fixes will also be included in the MSI 3 runtime installer for other Windows versions:
  • 309495 Problems with Windows Installer Over Wireless Connection
  • 811364 FIX: Error 1308 When You Install a Program from an Internet Source Location
  • 823116 You Receive Error 1913 When You Install a Program on Windows XP
  • 839962 An incomplete list of associated running programs is displayed when you remove a program in Windows Server 2003

The following issues have been fixed in the operating system, not the MSI runtime. Some of them also affect non-MSI setups:
  • 328213 Adding or removing a program may generate Event ID 7023
  • 811148 Windows Installer Custom Action Does Not Start a Program If the Program Has Already Started
  • 811996 A Windows Installer Package That Is Installed with Group Policy Does Not Restart the Computer
  • 834503 You receive event ID 36 and a "Windows File Protection" error message when you install a software update for a second time
  • 828452 An Assigned Package Is Reinstalled Every Time Clients Log on to the Domain
  • 810019 InstallShield 5.5 Setup May Run Slowly with the Bluetooth Supplement Installed
In addition, there are a couple of fixes related to Novell networks. If you are installing to or from a Novell volume and expirence permission of file access errors, you should check the list of fixes in XP SP2.