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Install Suite project running in maintenance Mode still want to instal

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Posted 18 December 2014 - 20:00

Ok, so we have a product that we distribute using Install Suite.  The suite has .NET as well as two MSI's one is Primary and the other is a dependency.


So now we are going to distribute version 2 of the product.  Now we have a Updater EXE which is just the update itself.  (MSP file wrapped in an exe)  I've also added that MSP to the original suite project to be run after the MSI it updates so that our "full" install is still the latest version.


What I'd like to do now though is have it so if someone happens to download our "full" install and it goes into maintenance mode currently only remove is available.  I'd like to add a button to "Update" product.  I have all the eligibility conditions correct but since the suite install is in "Maintenance Mode" it's not running ANY of the installation packages.  Is there a property I can set to make it think it's no longer in maintenance mode and will go on and install the packages if they are "eligible"?