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Removing earlier version, which requires a reboot

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Posted 25 May 2005 - 06:54

Hello everybody smile.gif,

I am facing a typical problem with Professional 7.
1. I have an application for which i developed and maintain the installer (say rev # 5.X).
2. I have to upgrade to a higher version rev # 6.X.
3. If older application, 5.X, is installed and is running, if i try to remove the application, it asks for a reboot because file are in use.
4. Now that i am going for a new version,6.X, i have to un-install the previous version,5.X (which requires a reboot because file are in use), and after reboot continue installing 6.X.
5. One more problem, if i lauch the un-installation for 5.X using "UninstallApplication" function, it shows the maintenance options, "modify","repair" and "un-install". So "UninstallApplication" is not the option.

I need:
1. Suggestion on how to remove the older version. I have seen Apple - iTunes software which remove the earlier version completely and install the new one, and guess what, this is done with Professional.
2. A better way of how to solve the problem if you have.



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Posted 07 June 2005 - 05:39

I got the solution for that; putting it here in case if somebody needs it:
1. I used the same GUID as the earlier installer.
2. I added the inbuilt ComponentReinstall() to OnMaintUIBefore().
3. Since the GUID is same for the installer and i have incrementing the major version, i get the Maintenance UI, where i am askd to upgrade from 5.x to 6.X.

If is select to upgrade then the previous installation is removed and 6.X installed and since the 5.x files stil in running, i am propted to reboot.

It worked for me!!