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temporary space needed when overwriting a file

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Posted 27 April 2001 - 10:30

Does anyone know how IS 5.53 handles overwriting of files?

When i currently doing an update i substract the space occupied by existing files from the space needed for the new files.

However this does not cover the temporary space needed.

How does installshield usually handle overwriting of existing files (i do not use shared filegroups)?

Does it first unpack all files to the temp-directory an then finally "copies/moves" them to the target.

Or does it unpack one file at a time to a temporary destination and then moves/copies it to its destination.

Or are the destination-files directly overwritten?

Anyone any idea?

Thank you for your answers in advance.
Michael Donning


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Posted 01 May 2001 - 14:32

Start your install and at the first dialog open explorer then goto the tmp (or temp) dir and there will be a temporary directory for you install...