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Silent mode is not silent...

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Posted 11 September 2001 - 22:10


We are developing an application that requires the installation of other stuff, such as MDAC and Logitech's QuickCamExpress SDK. Logitech's SDK uses InstallShield.

   However, I cannot get SDK's setup not to reboot at the end of its installation process. Before installing SDK, I did run setup.exe -r to record everything, followed by setup -s to "playback" the installation.

 The result was that I once more got SDK's reboot dialog and had to manually choose not to restart so that the installation process of our application. I would expect that the dialog would retrieve its answers from the iss file, sparing the user from having
to manually choose the no-restart option.

   In fact, when I run setup.exe -s I get three dialogs: Welcome, Licence and Restart. Correct me if I am wrong, but I did not expect to get those dialogs if I am running in silent mode.

   I am using the InstallShield that came bundled with Visual Studio 6. The OS is W2K SP2.

   The iss file I used follows below. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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Posted 29 July 2002 - 10:37

You should have a "setup.iss" file containing all your settings. if so, the installation should read information from here.
If any information is missing in this file, setup won't be silent