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Posted 16 March 2001 - 12:57

When running a Client installation from a network image I want to change the Remote Installation from Favor Local to Favor Source.

I've written a CA with IS script:

// Loop while list items continue to be retrieved.
 while (svResult != END_OF_LIST)
   svResult = MsiSetComponentState(hMSI, svComponent, INSTALLSTATE_SOURCE);
   if svResult != ERROR_SUCCESS then
     MessageBox("Error", SEVERE);
   // Get the next string in the list.
   svResult = ListGetNextString (lComponents, svComponent);

This runs without errors, and the List is created + filled earlier in the CA.

The CA is placed twice in the Sequence
1 in the UI before ExecuteAction
2 in the Execute after CostFinalyze

In the UI I can choose two different options which has some impact on the component list that I create lateron.

Has someone suggestions to get this working?