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Posted 20 February 2004 - 11:23


I am using InstallShield Developer Version 8.02. I have written my application using InstallScript MSI Project. I am writing an Installshield application which installs a protocol.

I have used LaunchAppEx function. LaunchAppEx uses CreateProcess to launch the specified exe say abc.exe with the required commandline parameters. The launched exe (abc.exe) should install our protocol. Our protocol uses INetCfgLock:AcquireWriteLock to acquire lock on the network.

When the protocol is launched through installshield application, our protocol is unable to install as it fails at the function INetCfg:AcquireWriteLock and is unable to acquire the write lock and returns with E_ACCESSDENIED which is returned when the process which is trying to acquire lock doesn't have administrative privileges. I am running the application on an Administrator only.
But the same exe (abc.exe) installs the protocol successfully if done though commandline instead of using installshield application.

But I want the task to be achieve through Installshield. Can anyone suggest what can I do to achieve my task. Please respond as this is really urgent.



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Posted 23 February 2004 - 11:07


It is hard to tell what causes your problem. It sounds like it should work fine. Are you sure that you have local admin rights?