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Silent Install ignores recording

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Posted 15 June 2006 - 15:37

My Basic MSI project is trying to run another vendor's installation kit ( they use 10.5, the project looks like an InstallScript MSI type project). I've run into a snag and would like some feedback on how to resolve before I integrate this into my project as a custom action.

We wish to do a custom installation of this vendor's product (as we don't need to install all the features). I recorded a custom installation (using the default install path) to a setup.iss file. I then tested the silent installation by itself -- the result was that a full installation was performed.

To work around this, I used the ADDLOCAL= command-line option to specify exactly which features I wanted. That process works.

Now here's where things get nutty:

I want to re-direct the INSTALLDIR of the third-party setup to be a directory beneath our product's main directory.

1. I tried to pass INSTALLDIR=mydirname\test\ as part of the command-line argument (before ADDLOCAL=), but the product installed to its normal installation directory.

2. I also tried editing the iss file to change the target directory to a custom directory, (and removed INSTALLDIR= from my commandline) but then the install started and stopped without installing anything.

3. I tried recording the install and set the Destination Folder to the desired directory and that went ok; When I replayed the recorded install it started and stopped.

It is as if the recorded install will only run if I don't try to change the install directory!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as the vendor has already moved on to another version of the product and is not likely to update the setup package.


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Posted 07 July 2006 - 19:19

I recorded an install to an alternate directory and replayed the recording. The install copied the files to their default locations. I logged the installation, but can't attach it to this post (even if zipped) due to space limits

What can I do?? I am facing a customer that wants to redirect the install to a drive other than C: due to space limitations.