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can I supress REBOOTs thru command line?

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Posted 09 January 2004 - 20:59

I need to write an installer that will call multiple setups. I want to defer the reboots until the end, so I can perform one reboot. I was hoping not to maintain two versions of each installer (reboot, no reboot). It is possible to pass a flag to a setup to stop a reboot? i.e.: setup.exe -no_reboot ? I am wondering if there is already a default value (some of these installers are old and coming from third parties)

If not by default, is it possible to program this? We can make minor tweaks to the other installers to include this option if it is possible.

Thanks for any help,
-- Paul McNamee


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Posted 13 February 2004 - 22:36

well if there you're set-ups you could always add this functionallity:

//Beginning of code
if CMDLINE = "no_reboot" then
bNoReboot = TRUE; //where bNoReboot is a global variable

//atEnd of Code
if bNoReboot = TRUE
SdFinish(blah, blah,blah...)

If they're not your code and the developer didn't build in the functionality, there's not an easy way of supressing the reboot messages.
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